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Revolutionizing Viewer Engagement with Watch to Earn

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Introducing the The Crypto Show, a watch to earn and NFT project on Hedera, led by Jean-Charles CAPELLI and Raphael DESHAYES DIJEAU. The Crypto Show is the brainchild of this project emerged over a year ago in a humble garage, or thereabouts. Their ambitious objective? To craft an interactive and decentralized show that introduces the captivating concept of Watch To Earn. An assembly of dedicated minds boasting expertise in cryptocurrencies and WEB3, these individuals have successfully woven their competencies into a tightly-knit, versatile, and motivated team, propelling the project towards becoming a beacon in the realm of WEB3.


Familiar with Watch To Earn (W2E)? Think of it as a rewards system that comes alive while you tune in to our live show. Say goodbye to idle moments spent enduring commercials, and say hello to a world where watching us translates into tangible rewards (yes, it’s real). But that’s not all. Brace for a slew of exciting partnerships heading your way. A pivotal reason for aligning with the Hedera hashgraph revolves around the opportunities it unfurls. Brace yourself for alliances with influential ventures already entrenched within the hashgraph, and noteworthy personalities who champion our cause. Not to mention, it is embracing community with a shared mission to flourish on #Hedera collectively.


Imagine a feature that lets you earn tokens simply by watching ads, video content, or live streams on an online platform. Watch to earn isn’t a novel concept; it’s been embraced by video game enthusiasts and consumers of online content. And here’s how it dovetails with the blockchain: Certain platforms harness blockchain technology to manifest the “watch to earn” feature, similar to what The Crypto Show on Hedera Hashgraph will soon offer. Blockchain injects a layer of security and transparency into storing the rewards garnered by users. Notably, these rewards can migrate across platforms operating on the same blockchain, ensuring the earnings from viewing ads or livestreams can be effortlessly repurposed elsewhere.

There’s merit in opting for platforms enriched with blockchain’s prowess for the “watch to earn” phenomenon. Firstly, the tokens you amass can seamlessly flow across platforms on the same blockchain, expanding your earnings’ utility. Secondly, blockchain’s innate transparency and security mechanisms instill confidence in users that their earnings are ethically obtained. Lastly, the allure of tokens that possess genuine value can often outweigh intangible rewards or mere points.

As the project marches ahead, the dynamics of viewer engagement are poised for a revolution. No longer a passive endeavor, watching becomes synonymous with earning—a symbiotic interaction that’s poised to change the way we consume content and reap rewards.