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Spotlight: Discovering Beauty in the Mundane – The Artistic Journey of Hanna Polza

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Meet Hanna Polza, an artist with a unique and captivating approach to the world of art. With a background steeped in creativity, Hanna’s journey from traditional to digital art and her groundbreaking use of artificial intelligence have garnered her a special place in the art world.

Her artistic journey began in childhood, where she cultivated her creative spirit through several art schools. Armed with a degree in fashion design and a brief stint as a fashion stylist, it was her passion for painting that ultimately captured her heart. However, it was the discovery of artificial intelligence that set her on an exciting new path.

Artistic Style and Influences

Hanna’s artistic style is a reflection of her unwavering pursuit of beauty. She delves deep into the ordinary and mundane, uncovering hidden beauty in the most unexpected places. Her art serves as a transformative medium, where negative emotions are channeled into meaningful and cathartic expressions. Hanna’s work aims to connect with viewers on a profound emotional level, evoking a range of emotions and perspectives. Her preferred choice, the color blue, lends a mystical allure to her creations.

Her creative influences include the likes of Oko-Avi, an amazing traditional artist who also explores artificial intelligence in her work. Hanna also holds in high regard Graphica.png, who serves as both a teacher and a creative inspiration. Other artists such as Michael Shantz and Yuri Shwedoff have deeply influenced her artistic path.

Creative Process

Hanna’s creative process is wonderfully varied, ranging from quick sketches to full immersion in her work. Her inspiration knows no bounds, with tools that span from napkins and pencils at a coffee shop to sophisticated software for augmented reality. She’s a perpetual learner, constantly exploring new techniques and technologies.

Favorite Projects

Selecting a single favorite project is an impossible task for Hanna. She has a particular fondness for her recent works created in EmProps Open Studio, using p5.js. These projects have introduced her to new horizons in her artistry.

One of her significant achievements is seeing her work showcased on a giant screen in Times Square, a dream come true for her. View Hanna’s Latest Projects

Challenges and Growth

One challenge that Hanna has encountered as a female artist is the gender bias that exists in the art world. She acknowledges the real struggle that female artists face, with artworks created by men often receiving more attention and recognition. Despite these challenges, Hanna has made remarkable progress and is proud of her achievements.

In her pursuit of growth, Hanna values the ability to learn quickly, adapt, and expand her skill set. She sets small goals for herself and diligently works toward them.

Medium and Tools

Hanna’s current focus involves the creative use of Artificial Intelligence, offering her limitless possibilities. She combines AI with various digital art tools, occasionally returning to her roots in traditional art to refine her creations. Artistic Goals: In the short term, Hanna sets incremental goals for herself on her path to a brighter artistic future. In the long term, she aspires to curate young artists, emphasizing the importance of mentorship, guidance, and support at the beginning of an artist’s career. She is already taking steps towards this long-term goal.

Advice for Aspiring Artists

Hanna’s advice to aspiring artists is simple yet powerful: believe in yourself, be purposeful, and persistently follow your dreams. She encourages artists to trust their intuition, as there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for success. BELIEF AND PERSISTENCE are the keys to fulfilling one’s artistic potential.

Hanna Polza’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the relentless pursuit of beauty. Her unique approach to art, coupled with a commitment to helping others, makes her a rising star in the art world. Keep an eye on her work as she continues to inspire and uplift the creative community. For more of Hanna Polza’s captivating art, visit her profile and Twitter.