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Introducing Blockchain Homies: A Fresh Approach to Cross-Chain NFTs on Hedera and Coreum Networks

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The blockchain space is ever-evolving, and with it comes an exciting new project that’s set to make waves across cross-chain NFT ecosystems. Blockchain Homies, an innovative and community-driven NFT project, is making its mark on the Hedera and Coreum Networks with its distinct blend of art, rewards, and exclusivity.

A Creation of Visionaries

At the helm of Blockchain Homies stand five visionary founders who have already left an indelible mark on the XRPL blockchain. Renowned for setting high standards in terms of holder rewards and artistic quality, these founders have come together to bring something truly unique to the table.

Meet the Core Team:

•   Babushka - Co-Owner Founder of NFT Evolutionz and Head of Accounts and Ops, Babushka keeps these Homies organized!
•   Ash - Co-Owner Founder of NFT Evolutionz and Head of Sales and Marketing, Ash is the charming one of the squad!
•   Al - Co-Owner Founder of NFT Evolutionz and Head of Art, Al makes sure the Homies are swagged out and looking sharp with his talented artistic direction!
•   Gerry - Co-Owner Founder of Hbar Homies, Crypto enthusiast Gerry is well known in the XRPL as a bit of an IT wizard and loves to help everyone! Gerry will manage backend ops and IT for Homies!
•   Filipe - Co-Owner Founder of Hbar Homies, Filipe is a long-time crypto holder, working in one of the biggest tech companies in the world - Manager of the MMC project on XRPL. Filipe will manage Operations, keeping the project running smooth and the community informed!
•   Luis - Luis is a renowned Illustrator, having worked with world-class brands, from Marvel to Toys’r’us. Designed pieces that went on to be art statements on the blockchain. Luis is the genius artist behind the hip and hoppin Homies!

Unveiling Artistry and Utility

Central to the Blockchain Homies experience is its remarkable artistry. Crafted by one of the most prominent digital artists in the cryptocurrency space, the hand-drawn digital art brings life and vibrancy to the NFTs. The Blockchain Homies themselves, depicted as cool, fresh, and stylish little apes, inject a sense of fun and flair into the Hedera ecosystem.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these NFTs carry tangible utility. Holders of Blockchain Homies NFTs will be rewarded for their loyalty. A whopping 10% of all generated funds will be distributed back to the community as rewards. The allocation will be based on factors such as NFT rarity and the number of NFT points held by each individual.

The Rewards Ecosystem

Blockchain Homies’ commitment to rewarding its community is unparalleled. Monthly airdrops of rewards will take place at the conclusion of each collection’s sale. This ensures that holders are consistently recognized for their contributions. The rewards ecosystem extends further, as holders of the exclusive OG H Card are entitled to a 10% discount on all drops across both chains, along with priority whitelist spots.

Participation in the Discord community opens doors to even more perks. Members of the Holders Club are eligible for exclusive raffles, giveaways, and contests. The inclusion of the community aspect is key to fostering engagement and camaraderie among Blockchain Homies enthusiasts.

An Innovation-Fueled Roadmap

The journey of Blockchain Homies doesn’t stop here. The project’s roadmap includes plans to introduce more utility and benefits for OG H Card holders. Not content with simply resting on its laurels, the project aims to continually enhance the experience for its community.

Points, Rarity, and Richlist

An intriguing aspect of the Blockchain Homies project lies in its point-based system. NFTs will be assigned points based on their rarity within the four-tier system. This unique approach feeds into the creation of a project Richlist software, which automatically updates holder wallets with their accumulated points. The rewards distribution will be calculated based on total points in circulation, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Tier 1 – 1 point (Original Tier – 90% of the supply – 900 in total)Tier 2 – 2 points (Gold Tier – 7% of the supply – 70 in total)Tier 3 – 3 points (Diamond Tier – 3% of the supply – 30 in total)Tier 4 – 5 points (Exclusives only sold via auction – not part of the main collection supply)

Blockchain Homies is more than just an NFT project; it’s a community-driven movement that’s redefining how art, utility, and rewards converge in the blockchain space. With a commitment to innovation and a vision that extends well into the future, Blockchain Homies is poised to leave a lasting legacy.